About Us

CannonBall began in 1916 by Hunt, Helm and Ferris Company in Harvard, Illinois. Their company catered to the farm market, selling hay forks and wagons. Over the years, they started to manufacture feed handling equipment and animal confinement stalls.

In the late 60's they were bought out by Chromalloy American. Then in the early 80's they were purchased by three private investors, which in time the company was named Starline Products (with its two divisions or brand names of CannonBall and Star Trac).

In late November of 1989, the CannonBall division was bought by National Material Limited Partnership. CannonBall continued to operate in Harvard, Illinois until March of 1991, when it moved to the present facilites in Beloit, Wisconsin.

On January 1st, 2018, CannonBall was acquired by Western Products of Indiana which is headquartered in New Castle, Indiana.

Why Cannonball?

The CannonBall Advantage

Value DrivenIn today's post frame and metal building markets, there are lots of choices available for building accessories and components. Choosing the right components for your customers can play a critical role in growing your customer base and improving customer satisfaction. At CannonBall, our focus is on maximizing the value of our products for your customer. Whether it's improving quality, enhancing flexibility, or reducing costs, all CannonBall products are designed and manufactured to provide the most value for your customer's building dollar.

Customer FocusedAt CannonBall, we take tremendous pride in building and maintaining relationships with our customers. Every customer has unique needs and requirements and we tailor our sales programs to meet these needs. Whether it's special pricing programs, custom sales materials, specialized training, or even specialty products, CannonBall will make every effort to assist you in building a sales program that will grow your company and improve your customer's satisfaction.

Full SpectrumOur expansive product lines give our customers access to nearly all the accessories and components necessary to complete a post frame or metal building. While we don't make the building itself, we can provide you with just about everything else. Partnering with CannonBall provides your company with the products, knowledge, and experience necessary to maximize the value of your offerings and meet all of your customer's needs.

Aggressive ServiceThe post frame and metal building markets are extremely competitive. By choosing CannonBall, you're guaranteed a partner that will work with you every step of the way to grow your business and improve your competitiveness. Through tailored sales programs, hands-on and over-the-phone training, and continual product improvement, CannonBall will work with you to keep your company on top in today's competitive marketplace.

Enhanced LogisticsWith our dedicated scheduled truck routes, remote warehouses and diverse transport resources, we make every effort to get our products to your door, on time, intact, and at the lowest cost. Combined with our wide array of products, partnering with CannonBall allows your company to obtain the best values at the lowest costs from a single source. Call us today to see how we can help you to reduce your overhead and better serve your customers.