300 Series Bigg Frame®

396 Double Couple - (H-rail) Conceals and seals sliding door panel gap

396 Double Couple

(H-rail) Conceals and seals sliding door panel gap

Larger sliding doors demand strong connections to keep out the elements - and the Bigg Frame 392 Double Couple handles the job with greater stability than standard H-rails.

Product Features

  • The Double Couple is designed to replace one side rail -- aligning both sliding door panels together when the door is closed.
  • H-rail functionality wraps the edge of the joining door panel for a sturdy connection, increased unit durability and added sliding door system longevity.
  • A built-in J-channel offers easy installation of the door panel skin.
  • The Bigg Frame System is ideal for large doors over 144 square feet - offering a standardized construction, fewer components and easy assembly.
  • Designed for buildings with roll-formed siding, Bigg Frame Systems remove the guesswork and labor associated with field-fabricated doors.
  • The versatile Bigg Frame design allows for adaption into a wide assortment of special applications including bypass, split-slider and multi-panel doors.
  • All components of the Bigg Frame System come with a powder coat finish (color matching available) for a durable, quality appearance that will outlast paint under all weather conditions.
  • Most standardized Bigg Frame components and options are quick ship items - providing needed parts in days (not weeks) and lowering overall inventory levels.
  • The wider sizing of the Bigg Frame System -- when paired with 235 steel girts -- provides each door panel greater durability and increased wind resistance. NOTE: This system is NOT recommended for wood horizontals.